Play it cool and effortlessly chic with this classic peep toe heels.

JACKLYN-119 BLK4 JACKLYN-119 BLK5Jacklyn-119

comes in black and champangne

Heel high: 5.5inch

Platform high:1.5 inch


  1. Hi I’m interested in buying Jennie Rivera shoes are you guys gonna sell them in any store like marshals or Ross or target please keep me posted thank you #jennieforlife



  2. Plz IM A BIG FAN OF MI DIVA JENNY RIVERA AND IM PLUZ SIZE I CANT WALK IN SOME OF THE highheels can u make the tacon thicker that way I could wears some of my divas heels



  3. Me encantaria poder comprar algunos pares de estos zapatos…me podrian avisar porfavor….donde??cuando?? Lo puedo comprarlos….gracias



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